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Bio Ritmo "Salsa Machine" is a salsa band based in Richmond, Virginia formed in 1991. The name Bio Ritmo is a Spanglish word play on the term Biorhythm, the hypothetical description for the rhythm of life. The eight to ten member ensemble is known for a classic Nuyorican salsa sound made famous by the Fania All Stars in the 1970s that combines African Caribbean rhythms from son, bomba, plena, and samba with electronica and big band brass. Founded in the early 1990s, they started out as a part of the Virginia college band scene that included other, then indie, acts like Dave Matthews Band and Fighting Gravity. In November 2004, the Salsa Machine won the Disc Makers Independent Music World Series Northeast finals held at The Lion's Den in New York City and earned the title of "Top Independent Act in the Northeast." They were finalists in the 2004 Independent Music Awards – Latin Category. Following their critically acclaimed 2003 self-titled release, Bio Ritmo released its EP, Salsa System, produced by legendary engineer/producer and 18-time Grammy Award winner, Jon Fausty. In September 2008, Bio Ritmo released their LP "Bionico", recorded by Lance Koehler and mixed and mastered by Jon Fausty.

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