about 5 years ago

Michael is a fantastic painter. His imagery is recognizable; conjuring up art historical references, a sense of abstraction, and similarities to his representational paintings. But his process and final product are unique and engaging. The paintings are deep with color, shapes, layering, and process. It was a beautiful show!

Under Construction.

Michael Gallagher is an American guitarist, best known for his work with post-metal band Isis. He joined them in 1999 for their debut LP Celestial, having previously been a member of Cast Iron Hike. He has an ambient project known as MGR; under this moniker he has released two albums and scored one film. He plays a '78 Les Paul Custom, which he bought on eBay, through a Fryette Sig:x Amplifier. Whilst playing in Isis he normally tuned his guitar down to Dropped B, like his bandmate Aaron Turner. He hails from Philadelphia, PA.

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