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Lady Lamb the Beekeeper is the stage name of musician Aly Spaltro. She first began writing music around the age of 15 in the basement of a video store in Brunswick, Maine. She would work at the store until closing at 11, and then would experiment with and record music all night into the morning. These early years spent practicing had a huge effect on her sound stylistically, creating a basis for her future recordings. The first Lady Lamb recordings were home recordings distributed in handmade packages to the local Bullmoose Record Store in her hometown of Brunswick, Maine. Portland, Maine,USA, multi-instrumentalist TJ Metcalfe joined Spaltro, and the duo released For Handsome Animals and an award-winning music video. Lady Lamb the Beekeeper soon rose to prominence as one of Portland's most popular local acts. In the fall of 2009 Lady Lamb the Beekeeper reverted to a solo project. In 2010 she was named Folk Artist of the Year by the Boston Music Awards. On February 19th, 2013, she released her first studio album, Ripely Pine, to rave reviews. She is currently residing in Brooklyn, New York.

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