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The Original Sins is a punk band, originally coming from the edgy punk music scene of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania which at the time was in a major decline due to the closing of the once great industrial powerhouse Bethlehem Steel. The band was started by John Terlesky who had been bumping around in various bands including The Creatures of The Golden Dawn who still play today. JT as he is known wanted to do his own thing and after numerous unsuccessful auditions of musicians who could not keep up with his erratic guitar and vocal style he was introduced to bassist Ken Bussiere by WMUH college radio DJ Neil Hever. From there he met Dan Mckinney-keys, and Dave Ferrara on drums. The Sins started playing the seedy music hall called the Funhouse and also the 4GS on the Southside garnering a huge local following. They then released the album Big Soul, which was revered throughout the rock and roll underground. After that came the Hardest Way. In 1990 the band thought they struck gold as their next album Move was produced by REM's Peter Buck. The expected impact from this did not occur as Nirvana happened and record companies foucused their energies on grunge rather than garage.

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