about 4 years ago

After first encountering the very talented Miracles of Modern Science (MOMS) on the campus of Princeton University in 2009, I knew I was hooked. Combining four string instruments (cello, violin, mandolin, double bass) with drums, they are at once classic and novel. Their overall sound is something like indie pop/rock, but totally unique and dynamic. I have always thought their original songs are complex yet catchy, and they've played some of the coolest covers I've heard too. If you like strings, you'll like these guys. Their shows are high energy and fun, and I highly recommend seeing them perform in person--they're Brooklyn-based, but on tour around the country at various times throughout the year.

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Miracles of Modern Science is an American independent band formed at Princeton University in 2005. The band is composed of Evan Younger, Josh Hirshfeld, Kieran Ledwidge, Geoff McDonald, and Serge Terentev. Their musical style stems from modern orchestrations for classical string instruments, which results in self-described "orchestral space pop."

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