Adam K.


about 5 years ago

For those who are not familiar with Everyone Orchestra, Matt Butler, the conductor, leads a constantly changing band through improv conducted music. He uses a white board for key and tempo changes. He uses basic gestures for members to take solos or drop out. The band members change regularly. Many talented musicians from Steve Kimock to John Fishman perform with Everyone Orchestra.

It is an incredibly high energy show and he will definitely incorporate the crowd into the music.

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The Everyone Orchestra is an American improvisational musical project that features a constantly revolving roster of musicians. The Everyone Orchestra creates completely different music every time it appears through conducted improvisational musical exploration and audience participation. The Everyone Orchestra is led and conducted by musician, multi-instrumentalist and activist Matt Butler. Butler conceived the project in 2001 after traveling the country extensively in the 1990s as the drummer and percussionist for the touring band Jambay. The Everyone Orchestra has appeared at top-level summer music festivals as well as individual shows and benefit performances around the country. Shows almost always include live painters, and often feature performance artists alongside the musicians. Performances by The Everyone Orchestra have featured members of The Grateful Dead, Phish, moe., The String Cheese Incident, The Flecktones, ALO, and Tea Leaf Green, among others. Through benefit events for charitable causes, The Everyone Orchestra has raised more than $100,000 in contributions for non-profit and environmental organizations around the nation.

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