Tom B.


about 4 years ago

Immortal Technique is hands down the "realest" rapper I have ever heard. Be forewarned, if songs that involve gang-raping your mother is too real for you (Dance With the Devil) then you might want to skip Immortal Technique on your playlist.

The shit he raps about may be unpleasant at times, but the dose of reality he delivers can at times be refreshing after a while of listening to bad mother-fuckers who smoke weed all day.


Sam S.


about 5 years ago

One of the few people who speaks his mind and doesn't just act like he does. Immortal Technique brings rawness that has recently disappeared from rap and hip/hop. If you go to see a show of his be ready to get assaulted with a grim vision of government conspiracy and new world order, in which corporations and greedy politicians maintain and justify their evils with corporate money. Is it true? Im not sure, but I know Immortal Technique believes what he says and thats enough for me to look deeper into what he speaks to. While he is isn't for everyone or all situations, his vision and dedication to what he sees as the truth of the world is captivating and apparent to all who listen.

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Felipe Andres Coronel, better known by the stage name Immortal Technique, is a Peruvian-American rapper as well as an urban activist. He was born in Lima, Peru and raised in Harlem, New York. Most of his lyrics focus on controversial issues in global politics. The views expressed in his lyrics are largely commentary on issues such as class struggle, socialism, poverty, religion, government, imperialism and institutional racism. Immortal Technique has voiced a desire to retain control over his production, and has stated in his music that record companies, not artists themselves, profit the most from mass production and marketing of music. He claimed in an interview to have sold close to a combined total of 200,000 copies of his three official releases.

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