Izzy C.


about 4 years ago

I find it hard to characterize Cloud Cult as a “band.” Cloud Cult are eight really cool environmentalists from Minnesota who travel the country in a solar-powered van, putting on multi-media indie rock spectacles. Cloud Cult also hold a special place in my heart, as a preview to their last Philadelphia show was the first piece I ever wrote for Philthy Mag (Which was, at the time, Philthy Blog.)

Cloud Cult began as the solo project of Craig Minowa almost twenty years ago. In 1999 Craig and wife, Connie (one of the band’s current live painters), formed Earthology, a non-profit set on making the music industry a little more environmentally-friendly, which also serves as the band’s record label. A decade ago Minowa took Cloud Cult live, beginning to perform and resemble a more traditional (…Wait, that’s definitely the wrong word.) musical act. Ever since they’ve been garnering praise from some of the most influential musical publications, yet the band remain doing-it-themselves, on their own terms.

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Cloud Cult is an experimental indie rock band from Duluth, Minnesota led by singer/songwriter Craig Minowa. The name originated from the ancient prophecies of indigenous North Americans.

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