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Blaudzun is the stage name of the Dutch singer-songwriter Johannes Sigmond who played for years in various bands and projects before he continued as a singer-songwriter in 2006. Named Blaudzun, called after a relatively unknown Danish cyclist from the 70s, he works in 2007 on a special collection of songs, originally intended to be a soundtrack for a midnight car drive. The first six songs came together as the self-released EP "Loveliesbleeding". He heads south to Barcelona to complete his self-titled debut that is released April 2008 on V2 Records Benelux. Blaudzun toured the Benelux countries in 2008 including Metropolis Festival and supported Norwegian singer Ane Brun and Mark Eitzel's American Music Club. In September 2009 he finished recording Seadrift Soundmachine during sessions with The City of Prague Orchestra, known for its filmscores. Blaudzun again wrote most of the songs in his beloved Barcelona and recorded in different studios in the Netherlands and Prague. His second LP Seadrift Soundmachine was released on 12 February 2010. Blaudzun made big impressions that year at the big summer festivals in Holland, including into The Great Wide Open and Lowlands.

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