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Chelsea Light Moving is an American alternative rock band formed in 2012 in New York. The band consists of Samara Lubelski, John Moloney, Thurston Moore and Keith Wood. The band's eponymous debut album was released in 2013 on Matador Records. The band features prominent references to avant garde artists, the 1960s counterculture movement and New York. Thurston Moore chose the band's name due to its association with a moving company started by composer Philip Glass: I decided to call the band "Chelsea Light Moving" because I had been reading this book called Love Goes to Buildings on Fire by Will Hermes, which is a history of New York underground music from 1972 to around 1978. He talked about Philip Glass starting a moving company. [Glass] had a van and he took a classified ad out in a local paper and he called the moving company "Chelsea Light Moving". He started the moving company so he could make some coin to rent out a concert hall to put on a performance. As soon as I saw that, I really liked it. Current countercultural movements are also addressed by Chelsea Light Moving, notably the Occupy Wall Street on the song "Lip": Those lyrics do have a certain cynicism to them.

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